Flat Belly Diet – Is it Just Another Fad Diet?

The Flat Belly Diet is the latest fad diet aimed at women looking to lose weight and flatten their stomachs. The big question, I suppose, is “Is it any different to the countless other belly diets out there or is it just more clever marketing that promises huge weight loss for no exercise?” etc.

Firstly, one thing we should all understand is that the advertisers of these diets use emotional triggers when trying to sell their products.

So, lets have a look at the product itself, some Okinawa Flat belly tonic of the key points, and where they got their information from.

One of the main points of the diet is that there are certain foods that help burn belly fat and therefore a diet based on these foods will help flatten your stomach. This belly fat, also known as visceral fat resides in the abdominal cavity and can impact the functions of internal organs, which makes it more dangerous that the run of the mill subcutaneous fat, the stuff that gives us the spare tire look.

The belly fat diet was developed as a result of a survey done in Spain where they fed overweight people 3 different diets. One was high in carbs, the next high in saturated fats and the last was high in monounsaturated fats. Each diet had the same amount of calories. People spent 4 weeks on each diet.

The promoters of the belly fat diet claimed that the people who ate the diet high in monounsaturated fats lost more weight without doing any exercise. In fact a test performed using dual-energy X-ray obsorptiometry revealed that the people fed the high carb diets, their fat mass was re-distributed across the abdominal area. The other two diets resulted in less belly fat accumulation. The total weight and body composition remained the same for all three diets.

So, in conclusion eating a diet high in monounsaturated fats had absolutely no impact on body weight and a diet high in saturated fats was just as effective in preventing belly fat from accumulating.

While I do agree that certain foods will help your efforts to lose belly fat, there is no miracle cure, and you are better off saving your money and getting your hands on solid nutritional information, and effective exercise techniques. These are the best, and will always be the best ways to lose stomach fat.

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