Isometric Exercises For Women Part 1 – Flat Tummy and Waist Reducing Exercise

One of the most basic isometric exercises is for the abdominal.

You pull the muscles of your stomach in as hard as you can and hold for a slow count to 7. Do this exercise standing up and it will tighten up the muscles in your buttocks as well. Put a 100% effort into each exercise.

Do this exercise once every hour for 7 seconds every day and you will feel the change. I recommend doing this exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast. This exercise is best done on an empty stomach. You can do the exercise as often as you want and do it with high intensity.

All women want a trim and smooth waist and it is important for your health and well being and not just for beauty Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews and appearance. The abdominal muscles hold all the internal organs in their proper place. The isometric abdominal exercise done every hour will massage your internal organs.

The secret to a nice flat tummy, a toned waist and a sexy strong 6 pack is isometrics.

Keep doing the exercise daily and your tummy will become firmer. You can do this exercise when you are in your office, in your car, in the shower…anywhere.

In Today’s fast society hardly anyone has time to work out for hours. Isometrics how ever do not require hours a day but they are 7 second long exercises which produce enormous results. A combination of several 7 second long exercises can be done by even the busiest people.

Those 7 second long exercises increase your strength and with increased strength over time you are more inclined to participate in weight reducing exercises. Most people don’t like to participate in calorie burning exercises, but how do you know you will feel when your muscles are much stronger?

Regular exercise and the effort put into an exercise are much more important than duration and repetition. Learning several isometric exercises for different muscles and muscle groups and combining them into an isometric work out for about 10 minutes a day works wonder, increases strength, mobility and an all around feeling of well being.

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