List of Home Remedy For Nail Fungus

Fungal infections are very common in winter seasons than other climates. Mostly fungus attacks the tissues in the nails, to prevent or cure the infection home remedy for nail fungus are followed.

Fungus multiplies in moist dark and warm condition, People those wearing tight shoes frequently are mostly affected by fungus infection in nails. The fungal infection is normally below the finger nails or the toenails. Toenails have high possibility to get infected by fungi. The basic reason for this is constant use of tight shoes.

Tight shoes weak the toenails, fungus easily enter through the broken nails, usage of same shoes constantly would improve the infection quickly because it cannot be dried between the time of usage and the removal. Cutting the Fungus Clear nails very closer to the skin might cut the skins too, through this cut fungus easily spreads

Symptoms of nail fungus are brittle nails, flaky, spots on nails which of black, brown, and yellow color, pain in toenails while wearing the shoes, and in walking thick toenails, bad smell in the skin of the nails, itching, rash, redness, skin irritation. Fungal infection in finger nails or toe nails can easily identified in earlier stages.

Fungal infections are transmittable; it easily spreads from one person to the other. Persons with less body resistance quickly get infected by fungi. Wound and cut on the skin should be cleaned properly because fungus penetrates easily in to the skin tissues through these cut. Preventive measures against the fungus are very essential for all.

Some of the effective home remedy for nail fungus is as follows these remedies are proving to be very effective and cost affordable. Self treatments or home remedies are not advisable when fungus infected the organ internally in the body. Because some fungal infections would produces life threatening diseases.

Home remedy for nail fungus are highly preferred by old age people those who already affected by heart lung, liver and kidney diseases, the reason is chemical formulated tablets and drugs would not suits for their health condition. Side effects can be avoided by these home remedy procedures, which is a major advantage of home remedy.

Soak your fingers in the solution of vinegar for 20 minutes twice a day and dry the fingers by wiring it with cotton cloth. This can be followed till the disappearance of symptoms. This is a famous home remedy for nail fungus followed by so many peoples; this is one of the preventive measures too. Apple cider vinegar is very effective.

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