Benefits of Using Free SG Vector Image Format

The concept of Premium & Free SVG (stock graphic) has gained much popularity among the web designers. If we talk in general term, then the usage of standard bitmaps for web purposes is not very common and most of the web designers use their own SVG to publish images on the internet. It is true that both Free and Premium image formats are capable of offering the same picture, text, and layout formats, but Free graphic format comes out on top as it allows the user to change existing format without any hassle. On the contrary, if you take a look at the features of both types of formats, you will find significant differences. So, it is always better to choose Free instead of premium graphic formats.

First of all, Free format is entirely based on the Adobe software while premium format is entirely based on Photoshop. Moreover, Free SVG is quite similar to GIF, PAW, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and JPG image formats. It also offers a variety of color models and color depths. In short, Free image format is quite similar to Paint Shop Pro, as it also uses the same model of 3D graphics. However, it is superior when it comes to saving bitmaps as compared to other graphic formats mentioned above. CHRISTMAS SVG

The main reason why many web designers use a free format is that they can edit any kind of image, be it a text, a picture, or a combination of text and pictures. In other words, you can edit the size and position of your image with Free image format, whereas in other graphic formats, you cannot do so. You may also add text to a Free image format, while in other formats, you cannot. Thus, Free image format is the best option for creating vector graphics. In fact, Adobe’s Free vector viewer software can convert bitmap to PSD and vice versa.

So, what makes Free vector image format so attractive? Basically, the main reason why many companies choose Free format is that they are quite cheap when it comes to purchasing resources. The best part is that Adobe provides all necessary software required to create professional looking logos and business cards with Free vector image format. Moreover, the software required to make use of Free formats is comparatively cheaper than other common graphic formats available in the market. In simple terms, you need to spend less to make your projects look impressive.

So, is Free format appropriate for every kind of image-related project? In other words, Free format is suitable for all kinds of project irrespective of the size of the project and the complexity level. Thus, if you are planning to design an e-commerce website for example, you should never opt for PSD to e-commerce conversion because such a site will require using different graphic image formats. If you are planning to publish some kind of article using Free format, there is no need to change the style sheets because most article viewers have ‘auto style’ option. So, one can convert Freeform based image formats into other popular graphic formats without any hassle.

Some other advantages of Free format include high quality images, uniform styling, great variety, faster application, no need for multiple downloads, no compatibility issue, dynamic Webkit browsers support, low maintenance cost and excellent technical assistance. In addition, Free format is also used in web pages to display graphic images, audio files and video clips. Thus, you can easily create very impressive graphics using this format without any problem. In summary, Freeform Graphic Converter is indeed an excellent tool that can help you convert PSD based images into other popular graphic formats at very reasonable prices.

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