Where Should I Blog?

The internet has become the main platform for providing factual and personal information. One of the ways to get information out there on the net is through blogging. People use blogging for a host of activities, including making money, keeping in contact with friends, employment opportunities and internet business promotion. Whatever their reason, blogging has become one of the central ways of communicating over the internet.

A web log allows you to post items, almost like a diary. These will have a title, subject matter and will be dated pii_email_ca406694fa91d858906c . Comments are allowed too, enabling you and others to discuss the subject.

Many bloggers use a blogging platform. A blogging platform is the software used to publish your posts. Different blogging platforms have different software packages, just like we have different music playing software (windows media player and iTunes). On the net, there are probably hundreds of web logs, giving you a vast variety of choice.

Blogging platforms can be free or require a subscription, can be hosted online and may require you to host the blog on your own server. There are a lot of free web logs out there, but they may not cater entirely to your needs. It’s about finding a web log that fits in with what you’re trying to do, whether that be publicising a business, your art or simply just keeping in contact with others.

Apparently quite a lot of bloggers use custom created web logs. This is a favourite because you can create the software to your exact specification; however, it will cost you. Favourite free blogs include the famous WordPress and blogger, which individuals and businesses both use on a regular basis. Other popular blogs, mainly among individuals who just want to communicate, include MSN spaces and the social network, My Space. My space combines entertainment, blogging and socialising in one software package, which is ideal for those who wish to combine the social aspect with entertainment. Alternatively, MSN combines serious and fun discussions, with news, entertainment and blogging. So whatever internet based activities your interested in, there’s a community out there for you.

There are countless blogging tips you can find on generating traffic or even the best platform to use but what about how to stand out? Your uniqueness is ultimately what will determine the degree of blog success you enjoy. This is especially true if you are blogging to make money. Your uniqueness will attract the blog traffic your site will need if you expect to earn an income.

Here are 5 tips you can use to help establish a ‘unique’ identity that will help you attract the blog traffic you both want and need to be successful.

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