What are Google Gadgets?

Google Profits & Google Cash are some of the two most popular Adwords/Affiliate Marketing ebooks on the market so if you’re wondering (like I once did) which book to buy then I’d recommend Google Profits. My full review below will give you the details on why I prefer Google Profits to Google Cash.

I’ve recently purchased Wade Winger’s Google Profits and I must say that its one of the better Google AdWords ebooks around. I like especially since it focuses a lot on Google AdWords & Clickbank which is pretty much what I do right now.

Google Profits is a 69 page pdf ebook and one-page quick start guide. Wade starts off by explaining the basics such as what is an affiliate program, what is clickbank Buy Google Reviews, what is AdWords and why AdWords and clickbank are such a powerful combination. Google Profits is a 5 step programme that teaches you how to start making money with AdWords and clickbank. What I like about the book is how the process is broken down into 5 very easy to follow logical steps.

Wade also gives you very specific details on for example what you need to do to determine if you should continue with your campaign or test a new one, how to bring your campaign to the next level , which other search engines you should consider. Everything in a logical step by step fashion. A lot of times you’re told to test a

campaign and if you don’t get any sales to delete it and try another one. How long should you test a campaign? How many clicks before you trash it? These questions are not answered in other books that I’ve read. Wade provides you with very specific figures such as wait till you receive x amount of clicks and trash the campaign if you haven’t made a sale. That sorta thing.

Google Cash seems to have received a lot more publicity than Google Profits. Google Cash was one of the first AdWords related ebooks I purchased and at the time I thought it was quite good. That was before I had even started experimenting with Adwords. Google Cash provides you with a good foundation on what AdWords and affiliate marketing is all about. What I didn’t like about it was that

Google Cash makes it sound so much easier that it really is. Google Profits provides a much more realistic view on how to make money with AdWords and affiliate marketing. Google Cash starts off with an overview of what AdWords and affiliate marketing is all about. It also walks you through starting a campaign and choosing affiliate products. There are also examples on some of the campaigns that the author has done really well with. These examples did give me new ideas but most of them were outdated and are not quite applicable due to new Google trademark rules.

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